Where Much Is Given

Symone Massey, Michelle Scharf & Joni Crane

Symone Massey, Michelle Scharf & Joni Crane

Yesterday I took some serious time from my day and privately asked the Lord to bless me in my effort to do a little good in conjunction with my trip to Tampa. Cruising the Web a few weeks ago, I came across a website called wheremuchisgiven.org. I recognized the phrase from a saying I had heard, “Where much is given, much is required.”

The page said you could order a business card for free that would have the words “It’s your turn” on it. The idea being that if you did a kindness for anyone, whether big or small, you were in essence changing a life and thus changing the world. Instead of accepting money or uncomfortable gratitude for your deed, you would hand them the card and challenge them to pay it forward.

As my friends know, that is my personal mothership.  I think we all have the opportunity to change our little corners of the world, and to clarify, I usually try to change the world for good not evil.  I am a good witch not a bad witch.

I wrote a note to the page creator and told him I was heading to the Republican National Convention and could offer to hand out some cards to get the idea going in different states and in return received a challenge from him, to find 50 people, one in each state to share the mission and 100 cards with.

The first challenge appeared when the box of 5000 cards arrived at my home and on lifting it, I realized it was equal to a piece of luggage. But I distributed the 5000 cards throughout 3 bags. Yesterday however, it occurred to me that I might meet people along the way, so I unpacked and put together ten envelopes of 100 cards each.

I had only mentioned it briefly to my friends, they knew I had some weird idea and packed some ridiculous amount of stuff I had not elaborated on. So, as we sat in the Salt Lake Airport and had a wonderful conversation with a kind lady from Alabama, they were taken aback when all at once, bravery overcame me and I bluntly asked if she would be interested in taking this idea and 100 cards to her state.

My friends, who are always very tolerant of my strange ideas, watched as a smile spread across her face and she said she would absolutely love this opportunity.  Then it began, they caught to dream too and we spent a day getting to know people from all over this nation and Canada too.  Today the program has begun in Iowa, Arizona, California, Idaho, Alabama and tomorrow we meet with delegates from Georgia.

We made friends, we heard stories.  I sat with Maria Luna of Salt Lake who told me she had been told Republicans hate Mexicans.  We talked about immigration and work visas and parted with a surprising understanding that our party values are not what they are portrayed to be by the liberal media.

We spoke with a young father from Houston who works at an oil refinery about energy policy and struggling to rear a family with an administration that over regulates small businesses till they have to give up and close their doors.

We arrived at our hotel to find that the Convention has been delayed a day and instead of our intended trip to the LDS Cattle Ranch we are going to do a Utah Delegation service project and have an extended breakfast honoring Senator Orrin G. Hatch and have a few surprise guests with us on Monday.

Tomorrow I will be interviewed by Lincoln Brown of KVEL and the Boston NPR, I have to try to be a little interesting I suppose and in the a.m. a few of us who are LDS will be attending a Tampa Ward near our hotel.

Lastly, if you read my blog post called “Ticket to Tampa” I joked about Michelle and I sitting in the very back of the plane while important people were in 1st class.  Well call me a seer,  they gave us the back row seats and Senator Kay Hutchinson of Texas was in first class. We knew she was there but am pretty sure no one whispered in her ear who those two Utah gals in the back row were.

So to end a long day, let me just say, we actually changed a little bit of the world today. Somehow, somewhere, about 500 good deeds will get done, and perhaps those 500 who receive those will go on to continue the trend.  Go check out their page and maybe challenge your family to give away a card each month.  Good Night, till tomorrow!

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  1. Joni I thank you for all your service to our great country. It has been my pleasure to know you and be the recipient of your talents. I pray you will be blessed in your efforts.
    Have a nice day.

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