Wake Up! – A Slap & Some Cold Water to Your Face

Ever since Election Day I have been bombarded with calls, emails, texts and letters asking me why we lost the election, is there any hope and where do we go from here.

Although I wish I were gifted with some great ability to come up with a few words with which to console my fellow patriots, I have no such gift. Like all of you I feel down trodden, depressed, exhausted, angry and puzzled.

Have I bled? Am I broke? Have I lost loved ones to the cause of Constitutional and National Preservation? Has my trial been so burdensome that I would just walk away? No, I have been no more than an ardent volunteer with some time devoted to a worthy cause.

But I will be damned (meant in the biblical sense of course) if I will abandon the nation which nine of my ancestors gave their fortunes and lives to preserve. How immensely ungrateful I would be.  Let us not all pretend to be equal to our forefathers in devotion when we have not given even a pittance in comparison.

All is not lost, the road will be tough, there is work to be done to preserve our freedoms but we are up to the task and we are so blessed with the freedoms that have not eroded. One need only to look around at the nations of the world to survey the great freedoms and blessings that abide our home country.

I thank God for America, we are free, more so than any other nation. How free can be debated in the halls of government, how blessed can be debated as well but let us not be so ungrateful for that which our Creator has provided us by the hands of patriots lost and brave countrymen who led in burdensome times.

During this Thanksgiving season I reflect on the example of my own 12th Great Grandfather Massasoit. He was, I am sure, not happy about his nation’s plight when Pilgrim immigrants showed up on the doorstep of his “free nation.”

As the Sachem of the Wampanoag Nation, he welcomed them to this New World and then commenced teaching them how to survive. Massasoit prevented the failure of Plymouth Colony and the almost certain starvation that the Pilgrims faced during the earliest years of the colony’s establishment by teaching them how to splice and create a corn that would grow faster considering the climate and shorter growing season.

Instead of whining, Massasoit forged critical political and personal ties with the colonial leaders John Carver, Stephen Hopkins, Edward Winslow, William Bradford, and Miles Standish.

Times were not easy, only one year after the arrival of the pilgrims, half of his Wampanoag Nation died from disease introduced by the newcomers and we know the rest of that sad story.  He was a great Sachem and throughout his whole life was known as a peace maker and friend to the Pilgrims.  The Pilgrims had a lot to offer, Massasoit had a lot to offer, they willingly sat together and came to terms.

Please just stop, think, pray and then recommit to join the cause, it will be long, it will not be easy, you may have to make huge sacrifices, but please show your gratitude by improving our nation and not just throwing it away. Our nation is still new and in many ways is a diamond in the rough. What absolute fools we would be to toss it out because it does not glimmer as boldly as we think it ought to. Let’s get to the work of polishing and perfecting our nation for the future.

Happy Thanksgiving

5 thoughts on “Wake Up! – A Slap & Some Cold Water to Your Face

  1. Joni:

    I joined the Texas Nationalist Movement; so I am not so sure as you about the USA. I am really down about Lord Sauron being in the White House and ruling Mordor in the Northeast and planning to punish the rest of us for not kissing his ring. We in Texas have a very strong Nationalist identity of our own that is not Union and Colonial Northeast oriented. We voluntarily laid down our sovereignty to join the USA and for what? Socialism, dissolving liberties and a shunning of the founders views. I think most Texans wish we were a Republic again. Our view of the Union is different from your state perhaps.

    I am a fourth generation Texan on my Mother’s side and a fifth generation Texan on my Father’s side. And I am directly connected to their losses and the fate of Texan Patriots during the war of Independence. My daughter was the 7th straight generation to serve in the military and a graduate of the Naval Academy; she served two tours in Iraq and the Persian Gulf both on the ground and as a Tomahawk Strike officer on the USS Cole; I was a 5th Calvary ground pounder when as my daughter says we rode horses Lucky not to go to Vietnam. My Uncle and Great Uncle were in the Army Air Corp and B17 Crew 25 missions each. My older great Uncle was in World War 1 and was gassed by Germans. My Dad was in Korea 1949-52 fought there as a Marine; My Great Grand Father was in the Spanish American war a traveling Mill Wright and Mule Skinner. My Great Great Uncles were Confederate Cavalry officers under Hood in the War of Northern Aggression both were killed. My Great Grandmother on my mother’s side came to Texas from Tennessee in 1879. She lived to be 98 and saw the first railroads and airplanes come to central Texas. She saw the Texas Rangers bring back the ears of Commencharos and Apaches on their way to Austin to collect the bounty. She lived in constant fear of Indian sex slave abduction, She told me when I was 8 that Indians were murdering savages and cannot be trusted. She and her daughter my Grand Mother on my Mother’s side of the family were seamstresses in the WWI war effort sewing field artillery gunpowder bags. In 1963 after hearing Kennedy’s speech about going to the moon my Mother and Grandmother both said that this was a preposterous thing and would never happen. My Great Grand Mother spoke up and said; If I can come to Texas in a Covered wagon see the wilderness tamed ,airplanes fly and be able to sleep at night with assurance that she would wake up without her throat slit; that man would go to the moon and much, much further and that somehow Texas would have something to do with it. She was right. My Grand Father and Great Grand Father on my Dad’s side went to Beaumont in 1903 and worked in the oil fields for a year. They met Howard Hughes father and saw the formation of the Texas Oil and Gas Company at the Crosby Hotel and turned down buying shares at a dollar a piece. Seemed risky to them. They came back to Houston and built two houses and my grandfather married a Swedish Woman who just got there after coming from Ellis Island. She was Lutheran and so were my Grand fathers people. They were married for 65 years and both died in the same year.

    So that is my Texas Republic Story, hope it was not boring. I humbly submit perhaps we here have somewhat different views of allegiance and maybe values. I recognize your notion of not giving up though and hope that God will reunite this country again.


    • Ron, You obviously have a rich and proud history – It is wonderful that you want to keep that tradition alive! We are not so apart. We both have a strong heritage of loving liberty, state sovereignty and our constitutional rights. I believe we need to bring back an education to our children of our country being a Democratic Republic of many Sovereign States. We are not so far gone that it cannot be taught, at least I hope not. I pray for our nation and even a President I do not support. Please hope for a “More Perfect Union”.

  2. Dear Joni
    This is a great reminder of the need to stay focused on the many freedoms we still enjoy. Please keep up the good work and thank you! Your friends the Andersons

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