When you get to know tons of people, and you serve your community in many capacities, you tend to learn a lot of interesting information.

Some of if is trivial and some of it, at times, can be earth shattering.

I have always been sad that our news in the Uintah Basin is “weekly.” It seems that there are so many items that fall through the cracks that we would all like to know about.

This is a place that I hope will keep many people up to speed on many different subjects. Feel free to drop in anytime to see what is going on in my end of the basin.

If you frequent my blog you are likely to hear about the Uintah County Republican Party, the Community Emergency Response Team, Oil & Gas Issues, Boy Scouts of America, Crime & Bail Bonding, Redneck Family Life, Fly Fishing, Community Service, Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Genealogy, the LDS Faith and how to have fun in Vernal.

If you have news, feel free to send it to my email: and I will review it, and see if I can be of help to you in getting your message out.

You don’t have to guess what I am really thinking. I tend to be overly honest and pretty blunt (in a tactfull way). Pull up a rocker and enjoy the view!