Missionary Mom 101

They send the missionaries a handbook, I think they ought to send one to parents too!

Missionary Mom 101

First things first! Even before shopping… The best way to keep up-to-speed on what is going on in your missionary’s specific mission area is to join their email group at http://emailgroups.ourldsfamily.com/policy/

Join the Missionary Moms group for your Missionary’s area and keep surmised of events and occurrences in their region. I recently was able to hear about an earthquake, a mission conference, what to buy in the U.S. and what is better to purchase after arrival, shipping advice and transfer plans before I ever got the email from my daughter. The friendships and advice can begin as early as their mission call. The group has been a life saver for me.

Set up an account at dearelder.com and read up on different ways to correspond and send care packages for the area you missionary is heading. Also know they offer free letter delivery daily at the Provo MTC.

I also wished to tell the Moms whose children just entered the MTC that Post Mart in Provo will deliver to the MTC Mon-Sat – same day service if the package is to them by 10:30 am and it only costs $3. Mine was larger than a boot box. I live in Vernal and the packages I had previously sent had cost upwards of $20 until I heard this. Someone is always going to Provo, so have them drop off your box and save a little.

ADDRESS: 2250 N. University Pkwy , #48
Provo, UT 84604
PHONE: (801) 373-5900
FAX: (801) 373-5999

I am feeling tons of empathy for those of you who just sent your kids into the MTC. It has taken me 8 weeks to stop feeling so blue. Here is a blog post that I wrote a few days before my daughter left for the MTC. I hope it helps some of you. Many of you have already learned this lesson, but I had not.

One way to prepare for what your children are going to experience and to anticipate their needs, is to follow blogs of other missionaries serving in their mission. This is becoming a routine practice. Sister Snow was kind enough to help me form a list of all the missionaries who are keeping blogs and currently serving in the Tokyo Mission. Reading them can ease your worries, lift your spirits and built your testimonies. Here is a link to my list of Tokyo Blogs.

Next, know they are in great hands medically… a week before my daughter left we received a hospital bill, when I called Missionary Medical they detailed the reason, the plans, the diagnosis, the follow up plans and then those who saw my daughter called me personally later in the week. They gave her the best counseling, advice and care and she was able to continue on to Tokyo. She is adjusting fine and all is well.

(This may vary depending on the mission, check first)  Phone cards are unreliable and with the large number of missionaries descending on airports a phone isn’t always available. I am sorry but I can’t recall which sister told me to get a disposable phone and add minutes to it, but thank you. It was a lifesaver! Oct 28 all the Tokyo bound missionaries arrived at the bus outside the MTC at 5 am only to find they were supposed to have left at 4 am. Therefore had no time before departing. I was distraught all day thinking I would not hear from her. At noon as they arrived in Los Angeles I was able to spend over an hour with her on her prepaid phone. It was wonderful, we took a break and she loaned the phone to others whose phone cards did not work or couldn’t access a phone in the airport. Her MTC branch president had told her there is currently No Policy so he was okay with it. There was also no stated policy on which family members she could call so she also took a moment to call her sister as well. The advice was greatly appreciated and such a blessing.

Hope this is of help to many of you  – Joni Crane, Vernal, Utah